The apocalypse where your heart is

We know it ain’t permanent but temporary
Even if I don’t feel a thing, for a second I feel complete
I know that apocalypse, that was where your heart is
Tread light like broken glass, really I’m not my past
Really I snatched her soul, really that’s not to brag
Really when I’m alone, really I’m not that happy
Really I know you’re empty but I think I can fill your glass
Fetishizing all your problems
I wanted you more since I found out you heartless
Harborin‘ feelins‘ for niggas who hurt you
Know you on the surface but not on a personal level
I play the game of hearts, missin‘ piece, we ain’t a part
Depend on me until I’m bored
I return your heart as quick I return your call
Tables turn quicker cause after a weekend I miss ya
I don’t want you but I’m conflicted

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